About Us


Benzene pharmaceutical is one of the leading pharmaceutical comapny in India with WHO, GMP and ISO certified pharma company. Benzene which comes with expertise and deals in various therapeutic range products like Antimicrobials, Analgesic, Antipsychotic, Antiallergic, skincare ointment, cream and huge range of other neutraceutical, herbal products, etc. The company is also giving monopoly rights to our business partner for promoting the companies top brands into Indian and middle east counties.

Our Vision and Mission :
Our company’s major goal is to become global standard and to recognised as domestic and internationally integrated pharmaceutical company through new innovation and technology. To become the leading pharmaceutical comapny in the market by assuring High standard product. And to reach all sector of the society by giving cost effective and best health to the poorest of poor people.

Quality :
We Benzene offer best and high standard pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products .our all products manufactured in GMP Certified Facilities. Our entire organisation is designed to facilitate high standards quality measures and which maintain quality control, quality assurance at all required period.  

Our Team

Dr. Satish Shetty

Medical Adviser

Dr. Namitha Benny

Medical Adviser​

Dr. Anjana Giri

Clinical Pharmacologist

Dr. Anoop Kumar Guptha

Clinical Research scientist

Dr. Badar Ali Ghasar

Clinical Analyst

Suraj Reddy

Vice President

Company Incorporation